Celebrating 21 Years in Business

Margaret Hirsch who is currently doing her MBA

Sharon Emmerich

Durban North businesswoman, Sharon Emmerich, recently celebrated 21 years in business. Sharon runs a Fiduciary Practice which includes financial estate planning, and tax planning and administration. To celebrate her ‘coming of age’ in the business world Sharon held a breakfast at the Royal Palm Hotel, Umhlanga.

Invited guests enthusiastically purchased raffle tickets and were delighted when some walked away with

Margaret Hirsch who is currently doing her MBA

lovely prizes. While enjoying breakfast a number of speakers took to the floor, one of whom was the well-known Margaret Hirsch of Hirsch’s Homestore. Margaret described her journey in the business world, from humble beginnings to the successful enterprise that Hirsch’s is today. Along the way, said Margaret, Hirsch’s had employed, trained and uplifted many people and had helped many others to start their own successful enterprises. Success in business wasn’t just about doing well for yourself; it was about helping others.

Sharon Emmerich and Bridget Ward

This is certainly true of Sharon, too, who is a trustee of the education charity Fundisa Isizwe. Fundisa Isizwe – who were present at the breakfast – work to change young lives through quality education. They were the recipients of funds raised from the prize raffles on the day.

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